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How to LinkedIn for Biz Dev Part 2: Your Company Page


My last blog post talked about optimizing your personal LinkedIn profile. Your company page is completely different than your personal account. People typically find your company page by filtering their search to companies only or by clicking the link from an employee's LinkedIn profile. It is a free marketing page that LinkedIn provides for businesses to showcase company information, products, services and job openings (job postings are not free).

By default, anyone who has added their corporate email address (yourname@yourcompany.com) to their personal profile account gets admin access to the company page. You can adjust these settings on the company page, but associating this corporate email is essential to accessing your company page. Especially if you are with a larger organization, I recommend selecting one or a few people to be the LinkedIn admin(s) that can make changes and post updates to the page.

1. Complete Your Business Page Profile.

Your company profile probably already exists, even without anyone in your organization creating it. LinkedIn automatically builds this page if a few people list the same company as their employer. Make sure LinkedIn spelled it correctly - they messed up our company page at first. If you have any issues, you can contact LinkedIn via the Contact Us link in the footer of the website.

So, if your company page already exists you didn’t know about it, it probably doesn’t look super fancy yet. Or maybe you just haven't gotten around to it yet. This page is free marketing, free SEO, and so much more to your business. I would love to hear one good reason not to spend 10 minutes adding a little extra substance and relevant information to this page.

If you are only going to spend a few minutes, make sure the basic information such as company description and specialties are completed. Use keywords relevant to your business and industry wherever possible, especially in these important sections.

2. Add your products and/or services.

LinkedIn allows two additional tabs on your business page at no cost - one for products and one for services. This is more free advertising space and can help enhance SEO by linking back to your website. Add your core products and services to the page with a brief description and an image. Make sure the link under “For more information about:” goes directly to a landing page about that specific services. This is helpful to the website visitor and is great for SEO. Make sure to use keywords in your titles and links here too! Contact us if you want help with this!

Additionally, people can share these products/services with specific LinkedIn connections or to their entire network. They can also add a recommendation. Don’t be afraid to ask previous clients to recommend these items! If they do, it adds an update to their entire network’s feed, increasing your visibility as well as credibility. Also, a product/service recommendation is just like a Facebook Like in the sense that it only takes one click to complete.

You can have a few variations of your products and services tabs based on the viewer’s personal profile. I highly encourage taking advantage of this so you can target your message appropriately and increase the likelihood of someone actually clicking through to your website or contact information. I’ll go over this in more detail in a future blog post post. Follow BlueBolt on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or Facebook to be notified when I write about that, or subscribe to our blog!

3. Post updates and ask for people to share them.

Your LinkedIn updates can work just like your company’s Twitter account, Facebook posts or Google+ updates. I use all four of these platforms every time BlueBolt has something exciting to tell it’s network. This way, technology is never a barrier to connecting, but the opposite. Although my job would be easier if I picked a social media platform and stuck with it, if someone in need of web development services wants to connect with BlueBolt on Facebook, who I am to ignore them? While I’m on the subject, don’t ignore new social platforms either! For example, Pinterest is new, but is the fastest growing website ever (according to businessinsider.com). If you embrace these new types of media, you will be reaching a highly engaged audience of first adopters as well as increasing the reputation of your brand.

It’s acceptable and actually more effective to ask people to share important updates that you post. I wouldn’t recommend asking for a share for every update, but people do love to rally for a cause, especially if you can make it fun. If you keep your updates interesting, ask for a share every once in a while, and keep your network engaged - you will go far!

4. Ask people to follow you.

Your updates are only getting shared with those that are “following” your company. Make it really easy to follow your company by adding a “Follow us on LinkedIn” button to your website, email signature, wherever people might see it. You can even offer an incentive, such as offering anyone that follows your company on LinkedIn withinin the next 24 hours a chance to win a free product or service that you offer. The contingency is that the winner has to “recommend” your product after you give it to them (kidding)! 

5. Check out your Page Stats.

LinkedIn provides free statistics on your company page. Use this section to see where you started and where you go after a few months of using these tactics! See what type of people are coming to your website. Are you using the right keywords to target your audience?


Do you have other ways that you have increased leads through LinkedIn? We’d love for you to share them in the comments section below! If you try any of these tips, please come back and let us know how it worked for you!

Happy Social Media-ing!

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