ASSH - Initial Website and Textbook Site

American Society for Surgery of the Hand

The Need

ASSH (The Hand Society) came to BlueBolt with the need for an entirely new website management (CMS) platform on which to build new versions of their six existing website properties, including an online version for a new edition for their existing textbook. This new solution would replace Sharepoint which had proven to be cumbersome and not effective for serving highly dynamic public facing web portals.

The Solution

BlueBolt implemented the new platform using DNN's EVOQ which is a multi-tenant CMS. The first project involved creating a website for the online delivery of medical textbook content, including imagery and video. The initial project established an overarching publishing flow and taxonomy assignment, as well as a federated search. These components and business processes would apply to all other portals going forward. This web solution features tight integration to The Hand Society's AMS/CRM platform, Nimble AMS.

The Technology

The solution includes a combination of technology: the core web publishing operations are delivered by DNN's EVOQ Content platform, while the federated search is provided by BravoSquared Enterprise Search.

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