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Overview and Goals

ASSH had the need for an entirely new CMS on which to build new, more robust versions of their six existing website properties, including an online version of their existing printed textbook. The ASSH team had previously been using Sharepoint, which had proven to be cumbersome and not effective for serving highly dynamic public facing web portals.  To transform their site experiences, ASSH had the goals of:


    Creating a new, exciting web design and customer journey that better represented the corporate brand


    Replacing the existing Sharepoint websites with a modern CMS that would better engage their members while allowing multiple contributors to create, edit and publish


    Recreating an online version of the printed textbook produced by the Hand Society


    Implementing an extensive, federated search across multiple systems and web properties, to pull data into a single search results interface

    ASSH wanted a completely revamped customer journey and user experience on the next evolution of their web presence. They felt that their previous websites had grown stale, didn’t meet the needs or expectations of their members, and lacked an intuitive search interface. BlueBolt collaborated with ASSH to thoroughly understand the needs of the user, with the goal of creating a user experience leveraging a multi-site architecture that made information discovery (across the 6 web properties) as easy as possible. This process required significant planning and included a thorough review of each unique web property, as well as the textbook solution.
    BlueBolt has worked with ASSH over mulitple iterations of their technology, and most recently implemented a Salesforce-based multi-tenant solution for their web needs. The first project involved creating a website for the online delivery of medical textbook content, including imagery and video. The initial project established an overarching publishing flow and taxonomy assignment, as well as a federated search, which would all apply to their other web properties going forward. The solution also featured a tight integration to The Hand Society’s AMS/CRM platform, Nimble AMS, as well as use of the Bravo Squared search solution to pull data from multiple disparate sources into a single search interface.

    The solution includes a combination of technology: the initial core web publishing operations were delivered by DNN’s EVOQ Content platform, with subsequent releases powered by Salesforce. The federated search is provided by BravoSquared Enterprise Search.


    As a result of the work with BlueBolt, ASSH now has a single technology stack to support their multiple web properties. More importantly, their members now have an intuitive user interface to quickly find the content they need. Gone are the days of having a cumbersome UX, or having to go to multiple websites to pull data. With the use of smart CMS & Search Technologies, BlueBolt helped ASSH deliver a modern web experience for their members.
    Services Provided
    • Strategy (User Experience – UX)
    • Design (Creative Design)
    • Technology (CMS Implementation)
    • Systems Integration
    • Support (Maintenance, Training)
    • Enterprise Search


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    The American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) is the oldest medical specialty society in the United States, devoted entirely to continuing medical education related to hand surgery. The mission of the ASSH is to advance the science and practice of hand and upper extremity surgery through education, research, and outreach. Today, ASSH has over 3,800 members from around the globe, including orthopedic, plastic, and general surgeons, and various allied health care professionals.  Members and volunteers work to improve the care of hand through research, education and exceptional service to their members.


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