Webinar Wednesday, September 25th, at 1PM CDT

Association Site Search – How to Create an Amazing Search Experience

Members are demanding an effective site search. In order to do be truly effective, your search should be able to find content no matter where it lives, including across multiple systems such as an LMS, AMS, and Journals. In this webinar, we will inspire you by showing multiple examples of great associations search tools. Then we will walk through the steps necessary to get a great universal search for your organization. These steps include pulling data from the different systems, ensuring the data is stays updated, designing an interface, and "tuning" the search to ensure it returns the most relevant results.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why a universal site search is so important
  • How data gets collected, monitored, and managed for the universal search
  • What features make a superior user interface for search
  • How to get the best search results using tuning and pinning
  • Examples and case studies of effective search

Speaker: Jason Lichon - Chief Solutions Officer, BlueBolt Inc.

Bio: Jason is the Chief Solutions Officer for BlueBolt. He engages new clients to understand their needs and goals, helping to identify a technical solution and putting together a plan to get it done. He has spent a lot of time thinking about site search and will share his insights as part of this webinar.