Top Ways to Use CRM to Close More Sales
CRM is a vital tool that can help businesses in just about every industry improve their client relationships and assist sales team members to pursue and ultimately close more sales.
A Simple Explanation of How Account Based Marketing Works

Account based marketing (ABM) is a highly efficient and effective system that eliminates a lot of the low-quality leads that come from more traditional marketing techniques. ABM does this by focusing on the target first - the companies and employees within the company that have the best chance of buying the organization's products and services.

Best Ways to Follow-Up with Sales Leads without "Checking in"

Following up on sales is not the easiest of tasks. This blog post discusses why the "check in" email or phone call follow-up doesn't work and what should be done instead.

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Will Impact Customer Relationship Management Software
The next five years are going to a blur of exciting new technologies, products, and Customer Relationship Management options. Machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence are coalescing to help organizations of all shapes and sizes drive more revenue via increased service, loyalty, and directed customer service.
How to Know When to Get Serious About Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

For any growing company, Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) software is a critical component to keeping track of opportunities and sales pipeline. This blog post talks about how to know it is time to step up the efforts and get more serious about this important area.