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Web and Mobile Development

Website development is in BlueBolt's DNA. We live to make beautiful and incredibly useful websites that are mobile-ready with responsive design features. Everything from user experience (UX), design, and implementation excite the BlueBolt team.

Custom Website & Visual Design

Ready for a site redesign?

The BlueBolt process has proven to be an outstanding blueprint to assure creative, affordable website designs.

We almost always begin design projects by creating wire-frames (a visual, dynamic representation of the site...a working prototype!) so that our designers don't have to derive site business rules on the fly, and let them offer their best talent.  This is the best way to assure design quality...the right person for the right project role!

In the meantime, our business analysts in Chicago and Denver remain committed to usability best practices to ensure site visitors will have an intuitive and engaging web experience. Our clients can always expect BlueBolt to bring the very best talent we can find to work as part of our team.

Responsive Web Design

Here ... Let us provide a definition:

"Responsive web design (often abbreviated to RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience-easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones" - Wikipedia

Custom Website or Web Development (.NET programming)

BlueBolt's developers are experienced in CMS development, Ecommerce, Mobile Web, database and data integration, all sorts of front-end, javascript, and jquery development.

We only hire the best developers we can find, and our staff are known to remain on staff for long, long periods. In other words, there is no "B-Level" or "Tier 2" development team at BlueBolt. The fact is that we decided long ago that we would either we provide "A" players or nothing for our clients, because that is what they expect and deserve.

ALSO: BlueBolt is an ASP.net shop, and we specialize in Microsoft Tools, Technologies, and .NET programming. This doesn't mean we don't understand how to use other tools or platforms, but it does mean that you can expect our developers to excel when it comes to building upon and integrating to Microsoft and ASP.net based solutions.

Mobile Web Development

Mobile Web ... wow, now this is a fast-changing work in technology. It is hard to keep up, with all the new devices, new developer formats and platforms, new browser requirements, and much more. You have to really want to be a part of something ever-evolving, and possibly never-ending.

Well, that is BlueBolt. In 2013, almost every client hoped to derive a mobile web strategy. The good news is that BlueBolt has deep experience counseling clients in how best to maximize this effort, and to share the options most important to them. In this regard, the best we can do is offer advice and present approach directions. We believe our clients have greatly appreciated our consulting (and development) efforts.

User Experience (U/X) Design, Wireframes, and Web Project Definition
Many new BlueBolt clients come to us hoping to simply understand more about what website design and development options are available, and a path to get there.  This is especially true when taking into consideration the two important variable of TIME and COST.

Because there is so much confusion in the market over how to engage an interactive agency, BlueBolt long ago realized that many clients need a Project Definition engagement even before their actual design and or development engagement. We break this Project Definition into three (3) distinct areas, all of which have very involved processes that must be followed before completion and delivery:


Project Description

Clients are asked to verbalize exactly what they hope to accomplish in a website project, and need to describe exactly what success looks like. Once a full analysis of competitors, goals, specific requirements, and online objectives can be documented, BlueBolt is able to put together a good image of what needs to be done to help a client understand design and development options.


User Experience Design 

There is nothing more telling that actual pictures, and we have found no better way to share website options than with visual wireframes and dynamic prototypes derived from what was learned from Project Description exercises. With the right tools (we use Axure, a very powerful website prototyping engine), we have been remarkably successful in sharing even the most complex concepts. Almost every BlueBolt project requires at least some wireframing, and we have hundreds of great examples.


Functional Specifications

This is the technical documentation only great developers can produce. We do not understand how solutions development can be estimated without having detailed HOW a development effort will ensue, including all tasks, the staff required, the materials needed, the platform intended, the hosting environment, the custom development steps, and the testing process required to successfully complete a project.

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