Epic Games


The Client

Epic Games is one of leading video game developers and publishers in the world. Epic Games also provides video game software tools that are used by other video game manufacturing companies to help them develop video games. These tools include the Unreal Engine, which is used to create the world-wide video game sensation, Fortnite.


Epic Games has a need to continually educate their customers and individual software developers on how to build video games and other applications using their technology. This education is meant to increase adoption and use of the Unreal Engine.

The Project

Epic Games engaged BlueBolt to create the Unreal Engine Online Learning platform, a custom Learning Management System (LMS) to educate on their software tools. This system allows for tracking where an individual user is within a particular track or class (series of videos). The system has individualized learning paths according to user industry, user role, workflow, and engine concept. All videos and classes are categorized by level of expertise and type of video. Videos are also grouped together into series called classes that are organized in chronological order.

The services provides by BlueBolt:

  • Strategy (User Experience Design – UX)

  • Design (Creative Design)

  • Technology (CMS Implementation)

  • Support (Maintenance, Training)

  • Enterprise Search

The Solution

The Unreal Engine Online Learning platform was built using the DNN Evoq CMS. BlueBolt used the Liquid Content functionality within Evoq to accomplish the user interface for adding videos and providing categorization. Several webpages were developed as Single Page Applications (SPA). The use of the SPA technique within a large portion of the project ensures that usability was optimized and provides a better overall user experience.

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