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Turning the Page on Outdated Systems.







Overview and Goals

After running their eCommerce stores on Magento technology for years, the HCCP team knew they needed an upgrade. Operating as both a B2B and B2C eCommerce business, HCCP needed to make sure their chosen platform provided features such as:

Unique Pricing Needs

Volume discounts based on customer type, title, and other unique factors, along with specialty pricing for tax exempt customers

Integrated Systems

Integration to their JD Edwards ERP & CRM for continuous data sync between both the B2B and B2C sites, each with their own rules, respectively

Custom Development

Migration of the order and customer histories that had been stored locally in their Magento environment, requiring significant effort to create custom migration scripts

After running their eCommerce stores on Magento technology for years, the HCCP team grew tiresome of the continual challenges that came with application updates, security issues, and the overall amount of support necessary for application and infrastructure issues. Through an exhaustive review of eCommerce technologies, they ultimately decided to move forward with the Shopify Plus platform for its flexibility, ease of use, and stability. And after nearly a year of trying to get a Shopify Plus solution off the ground with another vendor, HCCP stakeholders partnered with BlueBolt for our expertise with both B2C & B2B focused eCommerce development and execution on the Shopify Plus platform. Through a Discovery process, the BlueBolt team worked with HCCP to understand current business processes and order flows, and provided strategic guidance to make these processes more efficient and reduce complexity.
Leveraging the native functionality and Shopify Plus Scripts, BlueBolt developed custom functionality related to product metadata, customer accounts, customer groups, bulk purchasing, and checkout. When it came to the integration of JD Edwards for Catalog, Orders, and CRM, the BlueBolt team leveraged the Shopify Plus API to call the HCCP custom middleware system. The BlueBolt and HCCP teams worked in tandem to quickly plan, develop, and test the elements as they were being developed. While challenges arose over the course of the implementation, solutions were quickly found through custom scripting and apps to complement Shopify capabilities.


From the onset of the engagement, the team was faced with a looming Magento license termination and needed to migrate to Shopify Plus quickly. Together, the BlueBolt and HCCP teams crafted a launch plan in the 4th week of the engagement, ensuring that the launches would be on time with zero disruption to the HCCP business.

 Leveraging the native functionality within Shopify Plus, BlueBolt delivered both www.churchsource.com and store.faithgateway.com in 6 weeks, in advance of their Magento license expiration. Since that time, conversions have been up 2%, AOV has increased around 14%, and calls into Customer Service for support in placing orders have steadily been decreasing due to increased automation.

Services Provided
  • Strategic Roadmap Development
  • User Experience & Functional Design
  • Creative Design
  • Custom Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Business User & Developer Training
  • Post-Launch Technical Support
  • Account Management


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HarperCollins Christian Publishing (HCCP) is the world’s leading Christian publisher. The company produces bestselling Bibles, inspirational books, academic resources, curriculum, audio and digital content for the Christian market space. Also home to BibleGateway.com, the world’s largest Christian website, and FaithGateway.com, an online community dedicated to helping people grow in their faith. As the business has evolved over the years, HCCP has continued to be at the forefront of eCommerce technology to make their ordering process as frictionless as possible.


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