Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation
SMS Marketing in the Time of COVID
How to engage your customers with hyper-targeted messages that drive higher conversion
Effective Use of Social Media with Marketing Automation Can Greatly Increase Sales

Marketing automation software allows businesses to automate various social media activities in order to boost their online presence and promote brand awareness, providing a positive effect on sales.

A look into How Marketing Automation Impacts B2B Marketing

As opposed to B2C marketing, B2B customers are much more sophisticated. They are more informed about the marketplace and take their time to seek out information and to make highly informed decisions based on their market research. Businesses that sell to other businesses (B2B) need to consistently remain at the top of the mind of their prospect list and well as maintaining critical relationships with their existing customers.

Best Ways to Generate Leads for Your Marketing Campaign

Among the many challenges that businesses face, one of the most significant one is finding the right people who will be interested in the products and services. Data collected by CSO Insights shows that 68% of B2B companies still struggle with lead generation. This article discusses ideas on how to generate more leads.

Lead Workflow is a Critical Component to Marketing Automation ROI
A critical component of obtaining a return on investment from marketing automation is the use of lead workflows. If marketing automation is the engine, then lead workflows are the fuel through which leads are converted into customers.
The Positive Effect of Email Personalization on Email Campaign Performance
Personalized emails draw more attention from recipients and have higher open and click through rates. With these emails being much more effective, they breathe life into email marketing campaigns and improve email campaign performance.
Top Ways to Build a Quality Email Marketing List
Email marketing has become one of the most efficient ways of generating leads and nurturing them down the sales funnel in order for them to make a purchase. It is important to build a quality email marketing list that allows you to maintain contact with potential leads and build strong relationships with them.
Common Myths of Content Marketing

Content marketing is growing in popularity as an essential strategy for driving traffic and generating leads. This blog post explores the common myths and misunderstandings of content marketing.

The Basics of Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process through which relationships with prospective buyers are developed and maintained throughout the sales funnel. Successful lead nurturing leads to higher interest from potential customers and their increased likelihood of making a purchase.

How to Build a Lead Scoring System that is Effective at Prioritizing Opportunities for the Sales Team

A lead scoring system is an effective way of understanding your target audience and determining their likelihood of making a purchase. Businesses are able to determine which prospects are more likely to engage with their products/services, and devote the appropriate resources towards nurturing those leads. It is, therefore, important to build a lead scoring strategy that is effective at prioritizing opportunities for the sales team.