MSI - CSR Portal

Marking Services, Inc.

The Need

MSI needed to replace an existing business process for order entry and management. The existing process relied on manual assembly of an order via pen and paper, including an human-based price calculation. This process was inefficient and didn't provide the best possible customer service.

The Solution

BlueBolt engaged in an in-depth discovery process to establish business process flow, pricing rules, and product hierarchy definition (to standardize the process of ordering customized products). After the business rules were established, an user experience (UX) design process was engaged to define the interface that would allow CSR's to serve customers most efficiently. Finally, the new CSR solution was built in tandem with the development of a B2B e-commerce site.

The Technology

The core e-commerce engine behind the solution is Episerver which was integrated with a custom portal solution that allows CRS's to manage enterprise customer and product data.

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