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Since 2013, BlueBolt has been a proud Episerver partner, delivering robust blended Content & Commerce solutions on the platform. Having been designated the Commerce Specialization within the Episerver Partner Community, BlueBolt has unmatched expertise in creating solutions with both CMS & Commerce in Episerver. Our team of experts can help with any type Episerver project, including sophisticated global deployments, with significant customization and integration to back-end systems.

Episerver is the leading global CMS & Commerce platform, with more than 8,000 customers worldwide. Being the only platform in the world with a single, integrated Enterprise CMS & Commerce engine, Episerver delivers Enterprise functionality to B2C & B2B Retailers, Distributors, and Manufacturers to drive their businesses forward. Some of the key benefits of Episerver include:

Episerver is the only platform to be listed on Gartner and Forrester reports for both Content Management and eCommerce. They further are recognized for their robust AI-based personalization engine, which is part of the platform. No other single-stack platform in the world can claim this.

B2C & B2B in a single platform. Not only does Episerver tackle B2C functionality, it also has robust B2B functionality built into the platform. This is taken a step further by providing a robust CMS that can tackle the most pressing content strategies.

Multi-currency, multi-lingual, and multiple product catalogs. Episerver handles global requirements with ease, providing the functionality to cater to your B2C & B2B customers in a global setting.

Integrated content & product personalization. Episerver leverages it’s embedded AI-based personalization engine for both Content & Commerce to drive personalized content and product recommendations. The powerful engine collects data as users enter the site and can drive marketing and commerce recommendations based on numerous factors.

Best of breed integration and marketing capabilities. Episerver has many robust integrations and add-ons that add functionality and 3rd party integrations. These include support for Salesforce, MS Dynamics, inRiver, Avalara, Cybersource, and other systems such as DAM, OMS, CRM, ERP, Reviews, and others. With the CRM & ERP integrations, you can keep your data synced and managed in a single location.

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