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Overview and Goals

After acquiring multiple legendary outdoor brands, the Rather Outdoors team needed both a digital experience platform and a full service systems integration firm capable of unifying all their content and ecommerce efforts.  Together the Rather Outdoors team, BlueBolt and Optimizely delivered on the following goals:

Create a Global ECommerce Architecture

Create a unified ecommerce global business architecture with all ecommerce brands unified under the Optimizely umbrella

Integrate with Legacy Systems

With an API first model, integrating with their legacy CRM and ERP systems was simple.

Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience

Worked with the Rather Outdoors team to identify business needs, user flows and updated wireframes to deliver a compelling and engaging user workflow.

Facilitate Paired Programming

Trained the internal Client team on development and management of their new solution on the Optimizely platform


From the shop that sold the Rather family their first rods, to the pros that mentored them along the way, the fishing business has never been “just business” to the Rathers. It’s been their community, culture and family. Believing that everyone should be able to experience nature the way they do, with the right equipment, made with passion and sold with truth, the Rather family made it their mission to protect and respect the world’s greatest outdoor brands.

Their commitment to pass these brands on to future generations, stronger than when they found them, was what led Rather Outdoors to partner with Optimizely and BlueBolt Solutions to create a world class ecommerce experience for their customers. It was important to Rather Outdoors that their new solution would not only deliver a dynamic and simple user interface for their guests, but it would also streamline internal IT and marketing workflows.

When Rather Outdoors partnered with BlueBolt, their goal was to move all their disparate websites for each brand under one infrastructure hierarchy with Optimizely’s Digital Experience Platform and Commerce Cloud. Together, our team codeveloped a multi-store solution that enables marketers to utilize the same building block type components across all their web properties, while applying the proper branding for each distinct store. Rather Outdoors’ new IT framework is flexible enough to support both their content marketing and ecommerce sites, featuring building block type modules which can be utilized in both use cases, making their new web properties future proof. The solution was architected using a modern React front end framework that boosts performance and ease of use.

Rather Outdoors digital case study with BlueBolt and Optimizely


Now content authors and marketing managers are able to easily transition between work on multiple brands with minimal training, leveraging the same strategy across all brands thanks to a global code base. Workflows and layouts enable the marketing team to work seamlessly, while ensuring branded content only rolls out to the appropriate store(s).

Customers are being treated to a world class, streamlined user experience across the brands that have been rolled out, with several more brands slated to launch within this next year. While Rather Outdoors’ desire is to pass along their heritage and love of fishing to their community, their new best in industry website solution features a modern and engaging UI/UX design, fresh educational content, state of the art products and an easy checkout experience, which features a variety of relevant paying options including Apple Pay, Android Pay and Amazon Pay. Everything customers need to spend time out on the water.

Services Provided
  • Systems implementation
  • Global Architecture
  • UI/UX Design for multiple brands
  • Integrated modern payment gateways
  • Custom Development
  • Multi-Phase Project Road Map
  • Project Management
  • Account Management
  • Business User & Developer Training
  • Post-Launch Technical Support
  • Account Management


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Rather Outdoors is a global outdoors corporation uniting some of the most legendary brands in the fishing space. With historic and iconic brands such as Lew’s, Strike King, Fox, Matrix, Salmo and Fox Rage, Rather Outdoors provides a wide assortment of fishing products worldwide, in an effort to enhance angler’s success and the enjoyment of outdoor pursuits. Rather Outdoors' mission is to protect and respect the world’s greatest outdoor brands, passing them on to future generations stronger than when they found them.


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