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Solution Offerings

BlueBolt can provide consulting and implementation services in many different technology areas including enterprise search, cybersecurity, customer relationship management (CRM), mobile applications, product information management (PIM), and marketing automation.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise search is a specialty at BlueBolt. These projects can include any or all of the following - taxonomy analysis & development, user experience, design, implementation, and ongoing tuning & optimization.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity experts at BlueBolt can help secure and protect your systems from intruders, use forensics to find existing intruders, analyze what has happened previously, fix existing issues, and provide training for current staff.


Customer relationship management (CRM) specialists can provide strategy, design, optimize, & implement sales and customer service processes through the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.com software solutions.

Mobile Applications

BlueBolt provides services for designing, building, implementing, testing, and deploying mobile applications on Apple iOS and Android platforms, typically using Xamarin to assist cross-device development.


BlueBolt provides consulting and implementation services for integrating, developing, and implementing product information management (PIM) solutions such as inRiver.

Marketing Automation

BlueBolt provides strategy, consulting, implementation, and analytics services around marketing automation. This includes lead generation, form creation, blog writing, social media management, marketing attribution reporting, and much more.