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Website Services

BlueBolt can assist with any website services. We have experts to help take the project from an idea or inception all the way to the most technical aspect of the implementation including user experience, design, and post-implementation analytics and optimization.

B2B Ecommerce

BlueBolt provides strategy, consulting, implementation, and service services for B2B ecommerce projects. These projects can include user experience and design as well as very technical integration work connecting to back-end data such as ERP systems.

CMS Platforms

BlueBolt works with specific .NET (Microsoft-based) content management system (CMS) platforms including Episerver, DNN, and Umbraco. Projects include design, user experience, implementation, enterprise search, and ongoing maintenance.

Web and Mobile Development

Website projects with BlueBolt can include strategy, user experience, design, adaptive/responsive techniques for mobile-ready behavior, and full technical implementation and project management. Every project also includes quality assurance.