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Our BlueBolt team prides itself on being a team of talented, hard-working, and passionate people who love collaborating with our amazing clients and are proud of what we accomplish together. We deliver innovative solutions that drive exceptional outcomes for our clients, no matter how complex. When you work with BlueBolt, you benefit from the countless hours of our collective experience. We don't rely on promises, but instead measure our success based on your results. Over the years, we have developed a reputation as a partner you can trust to deliver for the long term.

"The strength of the team is each individual member.

The strength of each member is the team."

Why should you choose us

Since our beginning in 2005, we've operated with a set of principles that keeps us focused on always keeping the best interests of our clients in mind. We're headquartered in Chicago, with longstanding client relationships (upwards of 12 years), tenured employees (upwards of 11 years) and 7 states represented.


We set aside our egos and listen with sincerity and humility, so that we understand all perspectives and make informed decisions.


We know that everyone is different and all opinions are valuable. We work with clients and partners to ensure that we are open, honest, and working together to achieve a common goal.


We listen, sincerely attempt to understand, and care about our Clients, Employees, Business Partners, and Communities in which we operate.


Respect has to be earned over time. We strive to instill trust in every interaction.


Honesty and transparency builds a strong foundation of trust. It is important for us to have authenticity and integrity too show our honesty.


We are interested in exploring new ideas, activities and experiences, and we have a strong desire to build our knowledge.

Jason Lichon

President and Chief Operating Officer

David Risner

Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Risner

Chief Strategy Officer

Aaron Shapiro

Director of Project Management

Rex Espinosa

Director of Delivery

Charles Goldsworthy

Director of Delivery, Shopify Plus

Jayme Rey

Creative Director

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