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Platform Selection

To select the best content management system (CMS) for your business, the Bluebolt team will start by assessing your needs and objectives. We help sift through factors like usability, customization, scalability, and support, as well as the total cost of ownership, so you can choose a CMS or eCommerce platform that aligns with your goals and efficiently manages your content.

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Historical Analysis

The BlueBolt team performs an in depth audit to identify if all pages and user actions are being tracked and recorded. From there, we perform a deep analysis of user behavior and journeys, audience and engagement, heatmaps, recordings and navigation. These statistics help us create a holistic picture of your current digital journey with your brand.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Our approach starts with thorough data analysis to identify areas of improvement. By analyzing user behavior and preferences, we gain valuable insights into pain points and bottlenecks in the conversion funnel. We then analyze the data in order to optimize design and user experience, streamline the conversion process, and conduct testing to maximize results. Our goal is to drive business growth and boost revenue for our clients.

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Digital Commerce

Every company has unique ecommerce requirements and needs. The BlueBolt team works to define your requirements, identify any gaps and leverage the right software technology to craft a commerce solution to meet your needs. The process is a journey, and BlueBolt will help you every step of the way to gain a competitive advantage and accelerate growth.

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Combined Content & Commerce

Today’s B2C andB2B ecommerce has evolved. Customers are seeking digital experiences with both content and commerce, with seamless interactions between online and in person shopping. BlueBolt creates best-in-class blended content and commerce solutions that drive personalized interactions, enticing customers to make purchases from your store.

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Design & Marketing Services

Turn one-time buyers into longtime fans with a relevant ecommerce marketing strategy. Our creative team shapes the strategy, architecture and design direction of your commerce site to deliver data driven customer experiences, which give you the strongest competitive advantage.

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Create Meaningful Experiences

Whether it’s a current customer or a potential customer looking to engage with your brand, having the right digital destination to serve your audience is critical to driving conversions. We spend the time to truly understand your brand and your goals, and use intelligent, data-driven design methods to structure your content to create the ideal experience for your customers.

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Manage Personalized Content through Technology

Own your brand experience from start to finish and reach customers digitally with technology that is flexible enough to accommodate your intended audience, as well as internal business users. Working with industry leading software platforms and third-party apps, BlueBolt masterfully integrates systems to meet our clients unique needs and deliver on their KPIs.

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Convert Browsers into Buyers

Great digital experiences depend on more than just technology. Working to understand your content goals and business requirements, BlueBolt helps you optimize your content structure. From there, our team designs and executes a plan to better engage your target audience, build loyalty and increase the overall lifetime value of your clients.

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A Holistic Approach

Our goal at BlueBolt isn’t to question every font, color and design choice, but rather to center conversations around data. Our creative team works with our entire web development team to design, create and support a digital strategy that delivers an exceptional customer experience.

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Data Driven Design & User Research

Our team studies our clients’ data to ensure alignment around business goals, web design strategy and process expectations moving forward. We obtain any relevant qualitative and quantitative data to obtain a clear understanding of the underlying challenges, motivations, and behaviors of your users.

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Modified Agile Design & Development

We execute a staggered design and development implementation process. As clients’ UI/UX designs are completed, they are passed to the development team in batches. This enables the development team to proceed in parallel as the creative design and user experience process continues. All in all, this provides our clients with a demonstration of continual progress, as well as a compressed project timeline.

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