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Core Components of Composable Commerce


Modularity and Flexibility

Composable Commerce software is built with a modular architecture, allowing businesses to assemble and integrate different components to create a customized eCommerce stack. It offers flexibility to choose the best-suited solutions for specific business needs.


Microservices Architecture

Composable Commerce follows a microservices approach where different commerce functionalities, such as cart management, inventory, payments, and promotions, are decoupled into separate services. This enables scalability, independent development, and easier integration.


API-First Approach

Composable Commerce software provides well-defined APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for each service, allowing seamless communication and integration with other systems and channels. APIs enable efficient data exchange and support the creation of personalized and omnichannel experiences.


Best-of-Breed Solutions

Composable Commerce emphasizes using the best available software components for each specific commerce capability. This approach allows businesses to choose specialized solutions for different areas, leveraging the strengths of individual components.


Customer-Centric Experiences

Composable Commerce software enables businesses to deliver personalized, omnichannel experiences to customers. It allows for the seamless flow of data across touchpoints, empowering businesses to create cohesive and engaging customer journeys.

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What Composable Commerce Software is Best?

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