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Leveraging Shopify Plus to Deliver a Timeless Customer Experience for Grand Caliber

Grand Caliber, an esteemed watch reselling dealership that specializes in delivering highly prized brands and rare pieces, came to BlueBolt with lots of great ideas and a Big 12 Football Championship Game sponsorship on the line. Their request was simple and complex at the same time – help them create the best possible customer experience in time for the big game using Shopify Plus. Like many growing businesses, Grand Caliber’s marketing team had done a great job executing on their game plan, but ultimately needed a Shopify Plus partner to help deliver on their goals.

Grand Caliber offers a selection of top-of-the-line watches, showcasing brands the most discerning collector would cherish, including Rolex, Patek Philippe and Cartier. Known for their impeccable service and ability to source the rarest of watches, Grand Caliber needed a Shopify Plus partner committed to delivering a prime experience for their clients. Some of the Grand Caliber project highlights included:

Service Provided:

  • Shopify Plus implementation
  • Technical consulting
  • Custom website development
  • Coinbase Cryptocurrency integration
  • Flexible payment integration
  • Account Management
  • Ongoing support and development

Grand Caliber Project Highlights

Created a custom checkout process

Extended Shopify Plus’s PCI compliant checkout process, including the ability to add the merchant fee to the transaction based on the type of payment used.

Expanded flexible payment terms

Added several flexible payment options including Cryptocurrency and other flexible deposits, such as wire transfers, in addition to their already existing credit card, Google pay, Meta pay and PayPal options.

Offered the ability to choose upgrades

Ideal for collectors, this showcased the ability to buy original boxes, add chain links and other sought-after services.

Giving kudos to staff

As is customary in the jewelry industry, staff often work on commission, which is often eliminated in digital ecommerce. Now customers have the ability to identify staff members they had received services from.

Grand Caliber’s story is the quintessential Shopify story of a merchant who used the platform to grow their business from a small business to a major player in their industry. As they grew, they found they needed the robust features Shopify Plus provides. Armed with a talented and scrappy marketing team, they forged ahead, creating a sleek and elegant website. However, they found they kept running into hurdles that were taking too much time to overcome. They decided it was time to bring on a partner known for their Shopify Plus expertise, who could keep pace with the marketing team’s plan, executing at the pace they desired. Being one of the most technically proficient partners in the Shopify Plus ecosystem, BlueBolt was able to dive right in and deliver on Grand Caliber’s needs, with the goal of having a robust website to support two large marketing initiatives, a Rolex giveaway showcasing their updated website and the Big 12 Football Championship Game sponsorship.

The first project that BlueBolt created for Grand Caliber was a custom, PCI compliant checkout process that featured multiple flexible payment options, including cryptocurrency and other flexible deposit options. The ability to pass along the merchant fee to the customer based on the type of payment was also added. This work was the cornerstone of optimizing the customer experience for Grand Caliber, as it enabled their customers to access a wide range of funds to secure their watch. With an average product availability of only 10 days, it’s imperative for Grand Caliber’s customer to be able to move decisively when the opportunity presents itself.

Another key component rounding out the new Grand Caliber customer experience is the ability to upgrade their purchase online. It’s rare for a collector’s watch to be perfectly packaged with the original box and all the original links. Now customers are able to request boxes, chain links, polishing and other boutique services digitally, providing the custom concierge package.

Additional components to the Grand Caliber project include adding apparel purchasing to the site and creating a catalog of watches readily available through the company’s trusted dealer network. Lastly, the team stitched together the concierge sales and digital ecommerce channels by allowing clients to mention if a sales team member had personally helped them, enabling the sales team to earn credit for sales.

Grand Caliber Work Detail

Timely Success

Grand Caliber is all about delivering the ultimate watch collector customer experience. The resulting technical solution caters to VIPs, by delivering a refined shopping experience with Shopify Plus. From the sleek design created by Grand Caliber’s team, to the thoughtful and lavish user experience throughout the site, to the customized checkout, Grand Caliber’s website is truly Bowl worthy.

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