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  • Shopify Plus Implementation
  • B2B Commerce
  • Creative Design
  • Order Management


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Designing a B2B Commerce Shopify Plus Website for Top Quality Manufacturing Glove World

Top Quality Manufacturing (TQM) Glove World provides a full range of solutions for medical disposables, specialized dentistry elements, and other infection control products, meeting the highest quality standards and always delivering great service to hospitals, dental clinics, and healthcare facilities with integrity. Their goal is to supply the highest quality products while maintaining the lowest cost. Their extensive product lines are sourced from factories with advanced cutting-edge technology in design and production. Top Quality Manufacturing is proud of their five-star customer service and providing the best solution for health care professionals worldwide.

When Top Quality Manufacturing Glove World first came to BlueBolt, they were looking for a fully customized redesign on Shopify Plus which included improvements in content management, customer management, order management and third-party vendor management. They sought an automated, integrated digital customer experience to hopefully reduce phone orders (50% are phone) and extend customer service around the clock. Our BlueBolt team designed a B2B commerce website for Top Quality Manufacturing with a growth mindset, SEO improvements and adherence to best practices. TQM saw the following stats early in the days after their launch:


New users the first month post launch


Engaged users the first month post launch

Service Provided:

  • Shopify Plus Implementation
  • B2B Commerce
  • Order Management
  • Integration with Third Party Vendors
  • Project Management
  • Account Management
  • Ongoing Support
  • Analytics Audit

Top Quality Manufacturing Glove World Project Highlights

Creative Design

TQM came to BlueBolt wanting to redesign their existing website user experience, as well as their company logo

B2B Commerce on Shopify Plus

Before Shopify launched their B2B tools, TQM engaged BlueBolt to do custom development with Shopify Plus, enabling B2B commerce ordering on their website

Improved Order Management

Originally using Zencart, TQM engaged BlueBolt to create a more automated and integrated ordering system

Third Party Integrations

TQM came to BlueBolt wanting to integrate new third party tools into their website to create a great digital customer experience

BlueBolt’s Creative Design team was tasked with creating a new website design, as well as updating the TQM brand logo. Our team restructured TQM’s web sitemap with mega navigation, leading to easier navigation. Custom graphics were created for the hero, blog, customer account and FAQs. Sticky elements were added to product detail pages on desktop and mobile to increase Conversion Rate Optimization.

Our development team leaned on their deep Shopify Plus expertise and created a B2B Commerce shopping experience for TQM, before Shopify launched their new B2B tools. Through custom development, our team created the ability for customers to place quick orders, reorder from history, save items on a wish list, share their wish list and create subscriptions.

TQM’s commerce website solution wouldn’t be complete without several key third party integrations. For shipping fulfillment, our development team integrated Shopify Plus with UPS. A SearchSpring integration expanded site search relevancy including product recommendations. Lastly, an integration with IntelliSuggest delivered the capability to track user behavior.

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Manufacturing Success

Through strong project management, account management and ongoing support, our BlueBolt team was able to respond to requests from TQM as they arose. Following the successful launch of the website, our team performed analytics auditing to help the client understand the impact of launching the site and where continuous improvements could be made in the future to improve performance both in the technology and in the site’s ability to convert sales.

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