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Open Source technologies

Overview and Goals

Music Direct came to BlueBolt looking to revamp their online commerce presence. The project that they laid out for BlueBolt included:

Enhanced User Experience

Updated design that not only enhanced the Music Direct brand, but also better met customer expectations, including a streamlined checkout to reduce cart abandonment.

World Class Search Capabilities

The right search UX and technology was critical to enabling their customers to browse their large catalog of equipment and vinyl, ultimately increasing conversions.

Integrated Systems

Integration to their legacy ERP for product information, order management, and up-to-date shipping and account information.


Working closely together on the design process, BlueBolt and the Music Direct team worked through various iterations of the design until the perfect blend of brand & shopability was achieved. BlueBolt built the commerce solution for Music Direct, leveraging a blend of Open Source technologies that optimized overall site performance and page load times, along with an optimized buying experience. This included a streamlined user journey to reduce friction and a more efficient way for users to find products, add to cart and checkout with minimal clicks.

The Music Direct ecommerce website solution was built with a direct integration to their ERP solution, enabling up to date information related to products, inventory, shipping and account details.  This further enhanced the back office processing operations, as their previous site did not provide a seamless integration of data.  BlueBolt also built a significant amount of custom functionality to manage multiple promotions, discounts, and pricing rules across numerous categories, brands and individual products.  With such a large catalog and repository of content, BlueBolt leveraged an elastic-based search to tie it all together and return the relevant results, content, commerce, or both, to the end user.


The end result of this project was an elevated brand experience that better reflected the mission of Music Direct and created a frictionless buying experience. BlueBolt collaborated with Music Direct to thoroughly understand their unique business needs and implement a solution to specifically built to drive their success. Music Direct continues to be a long time client of BlueBolt. Additional support and enhancement work is performed on an ongoing basis for maintenance and integrating additional features and functionality.

Services Provided
  • Open Source technologies implementation
  • Strategic Roadmap Development
  • User Experience & Functional Design
  • Taxonomy
  • Platform Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Enterprise Search
  • Post-Launch Technical Support


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Music Direct is the premier retailer of audiophile goods and music in the US. They started as a catalog-based company, headquartered in Chicago and their mission is to bring great music, excellent gear and outstanding customer service to music lovers everywhere. Music Direct has more than twenty years of experience with some of the world's best analog and digital gear and they are tireless proponents of the merits of analog reproduction.  Music Direct is consistently recognized as one of the country's leading suppliers of high-end audio equipment.


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