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Bath & Body Works Streamlines B2B Retail Buying with BlueBolt

Harnessing the power of data-driven creativity and top-notch UX strategies, BlueBolt revolutionized the way Bath & Body Works retail managers handle internal orders. The outcome? Boosted employee morale and slashed order errors, leaving both staff and the corporate team smiling.

Bath & Body Works, a renowned American retailer renowned for its array of soaps, lotions, and fragrances, sought to enhance its internal operations. With a vision to streamline the ordering process, L Brands, the parent company, turned to BlueBolt for a transformative solution.

Discover how Bath & Body Works revolutionizes B2B eCommerce to simplify purchasing for retail managers.

Service Provided:

  • Shopify Plus Implementation
  • B2B Ecommerce
  • Creative Design and UX Strategy
  • Integration with Third Party Suppliers
  • Custom Website Development
  • Technical Consulting
  • Strong Project Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Account Management
  • Ongoing Services and Support

Bath & Body Works Project Highlights

Redesigning the Retail Store Ordering Experience

BlueBolt found Store Managers entangled in a complex spreadsheet for placing inventory orders. Our team revamped it with vibrant visuals and intuitive design. Now, Retail Managers breeze through orders hassle-free!

Creating a Permissions Based Architecture for Users

With hundreds of stores worldwide, along with multiple levels of management, it was necessary to create a permission based, hierarchical architecture, so that retail staff had access to ordering products only for the store(s) they manage.

Implementing an Intuitive Product Search

With hundreds of products, and many that are similar and/or seasonal, implementing site search to increase the accuracy and speed of placing orders was critical to the success of this project.

Integrating with Third Party Vendors

Like many of our clients, Bath and Body Works was working with several vendors for their website solution. This particular project required extensive project management and vendor management to ensure all the aspects of the required solution worked together in harmony.

During discovery, our creative design and UX team crafted an intuitive system for both for retail and corporate managers. We revamped the infrastructure architecture data to emulate the functionality of a conventional B2B ecommerce store, laying the foundation for enhanced accessibility for retail store managers across the globe.

Our development team created a permission-based portal system for store managers, limiting store ordering access to the necessary employees. For example, a store manager has access to order items for their own store, whereas a regional manager would have access to ordering items for all the stores they manage. In addition to the restricted user ordering access, appropriate managers can now see see their store(s) budget, so they know what they know their budget allotment for the rest of the month. Additionally, the ordering management system was created to only allow managers to order certain items during order cycles. If it is outside of the monthly ordering cycle, an item may be added to a list which will be added to the cart when the ordering cycle opens.

One of the most important featured implemented for store managers was site search. Instead of having to scroll through hundreds of products on an ordering spreadsheet, products can be searched and easily added to the order. Store managers can also find recent orders, frequently ordered and recommended products to eliminate clicks.

A Luxurious Success

At Bath and Body Works, gone are the days of tedious and erroneous ordering through an archaic internet spreadsheet-based ordering management system. Retail Managers are now treated to a beautiful, B2B commerce ordering website that is intuitive and easy to use, similar to their flagship ecommerce website for customers. While nuemerical metrics may not be easy to show on an internal ordering website, the thankful comments and emails our team has received from both corporate and retail managers alike are the best kudos to our team.

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