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Victoria's Secret: Reimagining the Internal Buying Process for Store Managers with Shopify Plus

Using Creative Design and Usability best practices, along with deep Shopify Plus technical expertise, BlueBolt created a B2B ecommerce internal ordering process for Victoria’s Secret stores, increasing employee satisfaction, decreasing order errors and streamlining corporate marketing communications.

As the long-time leader of lingerie brands, Victoria’s Secret underwent both a leadership and brand transformation starting in 2020. The brand is now focused on ensuring their products meet customer’s wants and needs. Victoria's Secret is excited to celebrate women throughout every phase of their lives and encouraging them to be part of their iconic brand.

With a rebranded customer website, the Victoria’s Secret corporate team approached BlueBolt with a request to re-imagine and improve their in-store ordering process.

Service Provided:

  • Shopify Plus Implementation
  • Technical Consulting
  • B2B Commerce
  • Order Management
  • Creative Design and UX Strategy
  • Integration with Third Party Suppliers
  • In Depth Custom Website Development
  • Account Management
  • Ongoing Services and Support

Victoria's Secret Project Highlights

Creating a Great Internal User Experience

At the time BlueBolt came into the project, Store Managers were using a glorified spreadsheet for ordering, which led to a lot of confusion and incorrect orders.

Designing a Visual Ordering Process

The traditional ordering method for stores included an abundance of text with little imagery, which additionally led to errors in the ordering process.

Creating a Dashboard for Store Managers

With hundreds of stores across the United States and Canada, it was important to Victoria’s Secret corporate to have a dashboard where store managers could easily access important information.

Implementing Digital Processes to Improve Performance

Victoria’s Secret’s corporate team wanted to digitize business processes and logic to make store management and communication a more efficient process.

When Victoria’s Secret came to BlueBolt, they had an antiquated order management system for their retail store managers, which was largely a complex spreadsheet interface. Our team simplified the brand’s technology by replatforming from Bunzel to Shopify Plus, reconfiguring the infrastructure architecture data to function like a B2B ecommerce store.

Our creative and development teams worked closely with the Victoria’s Secret corporate team to construct a dashboard that would concisely communicate a defined and complex set of business requirements. Multiple creative elements were used to increase comprehension and adoption among store management.

Another very helpful item implemented for store managers is site search, with product recommendations specified to their store type. Now instead of having to scroll through hundreds of products on an ordering spreadsheet, product names can be searched and easily added to their order. Lastly, the website enables the corporate marketing team to promptly communicate with all the stores across North America.

A beautiful success

At Victoria’s Secret, gone are the days of erroneous ordering on a difficult internet spreadsheet-based ordering management system. Store Managers are now treated to a password protected, B2B ecommerce ordering website that is beautiful and easy to use, like their flagship ecommerce website. While statistical metrics may not be easy to show on an internal corporate websites, our team has received happy comments and thankful emails from corporate and store managers alike.

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