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  • Creative Design and UI/UX
  • Content Management Software


  • Optimizely Implementation

Designing and Implementing an Optimizely Website for California School Board Association’s Legal Services

The California School Boards Association (CSBA) is a nonprofit organization that serves as a resource and advocacy group for school boards and education leaders in the state of California. It was founded in 1953 and has since played a significant role in shaping education policy and governance in California. CSBA offers legal assistance to its member districts, helping them navigate legal challenges related to education governance, labor issues, and more. They also provide guidance on complying with state and federal education laws and regulations.

CSBA engaged BlueBolt to create a new website for their Legal Service offering. CSBA’s Legal Services is available to members as a paid subscription. This provides subscribers web-based access to legal reference material (briefs, forms, templates, guidance), and easily searchable state-wide data (CBAs, salary schedules), complementing the current CSBA website and services. The goal of the website was to enable Subscribers to have ready access to these essential materials online, 24x7 to efficiently support their legal objectives and needs.

Service Provided:

  • Optimizely Implementation
  • Creative Design
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Project Management
  • Account Management
  • Ongoing Support

CSBA Legal Project Highlights

Implementing Optimizely for CSBA

Due to BlueBolt’s expertise in implementing Optimizely websites, CSBA requested BlueBolt implement their new Legal Services website

Creating a New Website Design

BlueBolt’s Creative Design team worked with CSBA Legal Services to create a fresh new website design

Defining User Experience Strategy

BlueBolt presented User Experience strategies and best practices to CSBA to best solve multiple use cases

While BlueBolt’s talented Optimizely development team completed another successful implementation, many of CSBA’s project highlights were delivered by BlueBolt’s Creative Design team. For the new CSBA Legal Services website, BlueBolt created a landing page for both logged in and logged out users, one that serves as a marketing page to draw users into the services offered, and the other as a search engine along with key CTAs to top paths users value. Our team designed custom graphics, textures, and a consistent branded color pallet, along with plenty of whitespace so users could focus on the task at hand. Our Creative team satisfied multiple user stories in the wireframe process, ensuring all users could easily search and filter to find relevant results. The goal for the search results page was for Subscribers to easily download and print located documents, so icons were used to aid in scanning. Our team created a search results page that was clearly delineated visually for ease of use. Tooltips, hover states, and result counts on facets also helped to inform the user as they filtered their search requests.


The California School Board Association was thrilled with the outcome of their Legal Services website. Members reported that they found it easy to find the documents and information they needed. CSBA has been a long-time client of BlueBolt’s. Up next for the California School Board Association is an Optimizely upgrade of their flagship website

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