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Optimizely and BlueBolt Power Scientific B2B ECommerce Around the World

Founded in 1985, Restek is the leading developer and manufacturer of chromatography columns, sample preparation and collection products, reference standards, and instrument accessories. They work with analysts worldwide, providing them with tools to monitor the quality of air, water, soil, foods, botanicals, pharmaceuticals, and chemical and petroleum products. Restek is passionate about science and making innovative products that enable great chromatography. They are also committed to providing exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations. Restek is a 100% employee-owned company with a long history and strong corporate culture. Having decided to focus on providing a remarkable customer experience across their digital properties, Restek turned to Optimizely and implementation partner, BlueBolt, due to our combined extensive expertise delivering global B2B ecommerce solutions.

Service Provided:

  • Optimizely Implementation
  • Detailed Discovery Process
  • UI/UX Wireframes & Designs
  • Global ECommerce Strategy
  • Complex B2B Enterprise Search Strategy
  • Paired Programming Training
  • Post Launch Support Plan
  • Ongoing consulting

Restek Project Highlights

Solve for Worldwide B2B Commerce Complexities

Create a global B2B ecommerce architecture with Optimizely that solves for multiple geo-regional intricate business needs and differentiators.

Integrate Complex Systems

With Optimizely’s API’s, integrating with our client’s PIM and ERP via middleware, which united their front end and backend fulfillment services.

Deliver a Sophisticated Multi-Phase Global Rollout

Architected a B2B multi-phase roll out of seven geographical regions, each with their own languages, business rules and fulfillment options.

Develop Complex B2B Enterprise Search

Built a hierarchical enterprise federated search utilizing a large dataset of complex product categories.

With the mission of educating scientists worldwide, our client needed a software and implementation team that could guide them through B2B ecommerce best practices due to the complex and dynamic ecommerce rules in multiple international countries. Together, the BlueBolt and their team developed extensive business rules and logic that serves five geographical regions that have a wide variety of regulations that govern B2B commerce, including content, shopping cart, payment, currency, shipping and fulfillment.

The first roll out went live in March 2021 with the website translated into four different languages, each catering to different geo-regional business needs. This first launch unified our client’s infrastructure with a complex, multi-step roadmap ahead with the ultimate goal of reaching every scientist around the world with a blend of commerce and content.

A key milestone to this projects was developing a proprietary B2B enterprise search to help our clients serve the scientific community in an intuitive and easy to use manner. Our team harnessed a very large dataset and built a tailored search system of rules and logic to dynamically configure choices that would serve up the correct resource or product from over 50 categories, ensuring the results corresponded to the correct column and category, which also correlated to the web page the user was visiting. Additionally, a suggestion engine was developed that would recommend resources and products as a person was typing their search request. This was a highly sought after feature to help customers quickly find the products they are searching for among highly complex product and resource catalogs. The federated search capabilities of this site are the cornerstone for this project because it is what truly drives the customers’ experience.

Restek Case Study

Global Success

While launching our client’s website was only the first step in a complex development roadmap under the Optimizely umbrella, several
noteworthy efficiencies have been achieved:
• Reduction in cost of maintaining disparate systems
• Standardization of data and business processes across the world
• Enhanced real time data reporting driving business decisions
• Delivered better access to education and products for scientists globally
• Optimizely impressed the client with their unparalleled enterprise level commerce and content capabilities

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