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Stellar Shopify Plus Commerce Offerings Fuels Fypon Growth

Fypon, the recognized leader in polyurethane product design, innovation and molding technology and supplies. From old world style to classic modern design, Fypon offers the largest and most architecturally correct styles and designs of molding and trim, as well as shutters and beams. Fypon, a Fortune family brand, helps home contracting professionals to deliver from the jobsite to the bottom line by providing architects and builders with renderings, along with marketing support for blueprints and model homes. Fypon offers extensive builder support, including an industry first quote package program complete with quantity pricing tools.

When Fypon came to BlueBolt, they had a website that was purely a content management system. Fypon engaged BlueBolt to add ecommerce capabilities with Shopify Plus to their website, in order to expand their ecommerce selling efforts across North America. They also wanted the ability to sell in marketplaces such as Home Depot, Amazon and social media.


Astounding increase in year over year growth the first year website sales


Strong double digit growth in their second year of sales over the previous year

Service Provided:

  • Shopify Plus Implementation for ECommerce and CMS
  • B2C ECommerce offering
  • ECommerce Marketplace integrations
  • ERP Integration
  • Ongoing support and training
  • Account Management

Fypon Project Highlights

Shopify Plus implementation for both CMS & Commerce

Integrated the leading Shopify Plus software solution which enables Fypon's ecommerce across North America.

Integration with ERP and other backend inventory systems

BlueBolt integrated multiple inventory management systems, including Fypon's ERP, to provide a holistic and accurate real time inventory view.

Implemented 3rd party marketplace capabilities

This custom website development enabled Fypon to sell their inventory on website marketplaces such as Amazon, Menards and the Home Depot.

The heart of what has always made Fypon, former parent company ThermaTru, and other time tested brands now under the Fortune Brands banner, is a classic customer service, where value has been shared “one customer at a time.” As times have changed and 24/7 ecommerce capabilities become the norm, one thing that hasn’t changed is Fypon’s commitment to take care of their customers. Enter the world class capabilities of Shopify Plus implemented by BlueBolt and the stage was set for great things to happen for Fypon.

Fypon stood up a Direct to Consumer channel making ecommerce frictionless for anyone doing business with Fypon. During this part of the project, several backend systems were integrated, enabling Fypon to advertise their large catalog in ecommerce marketplaces around North America, including Home Depot, Amazon and Menards, setting the stage for legendary growth.

A Statistical Success

The Fypon project embodies the true Shopify Plus ecommerce story from beginning to end. From their humble beginnings built on hard work, sweat and handshakes, to the multi-million dollar company they are today under the Fortune Brands family, their commitment to the customer has not waivered. In the first year of launching their website and marketplaces, Fypon witnessed an outstanding 337% year over year growth. The second year of their ecommerce ventures saw a continued double digit gain, coming in at over 25% year over year growth. Kudos to the Fypon team for staying committed to their customers and doing ecommerce right.

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