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  • Headless Content Management
  • Composable ECommerce


  • Shopify Plus
  • Amplience

Implementing Headless CMS and Commerce with Shopify Plus and Amplience

After establishing their brand on Shopify Plus, the HarperCollins Publishers team wanted to pursue a path towards both headless CMS and eCommerce, partnering with BlueBolt to integrate Amplience with their Shopify Plus instance. The integration of these two software platforms provided HarperCollins Publishers these key features:

Separate Content Administration from Commerce Administration

Create content delivery workflows and permissions separate from commerce administration, giving each team full control over their unique programs.

Prepare for Future Content Distribution in Other Channels

Creating a headless content administration for HarperCollins Publishers provides a process to deliver content across all digital touchpoints in the future.

Incorporate Product Recommendations into Blog Content

Integrating products into headless content can be notoriously challenging. HarperCollins is now able to display their recommended products within relevant content where readers can interact and add those products directly to the cart, giving HarperCollins Publishers even more control of their customers’ experience.

Service Provided:

  • Shopify Plus Integration
  • Amplience Integration
  • Strategic Roadmap Development
  • Creative Design
  • Headless CMS
  • Composable ECommerce
  • Custom Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Business User & Development Training
  • Post Launch Technical Support
  • Account Management

Implementing Headless CMS and Composable ECommerce

After the successful and fast migration of several HarperCollins Publishers’ websites from Magento to Shopify Plus, HarperCollins stakeholders further collaborated with BlueBolt to integrate the headless CMS and ECommerce platform Amplience into their Shopify Plus instance. Throughout the process, the BlueBolt team worked with HarperCollins Publishers to understand current content and product workflows, providing strategic and best practice guidance to help streamline dynamic business complexities, decoupling content from commerce to enable complete control of each these digital entities.

The integration of Amplience with HarperCollins’ Shopify Plus instance created both a Headless CMS and a Composable Commerce environment. With this pairing, HarperCollins Publishers workflows now enable separate content and commerce administration, allowing each team to control their own processes ensuring global brand guidelines are followed, while delivering a seamless end user experience for their customers.

Teams can now deliver decoupled content and recommended products together for a seamless user interface, despite having separate content and product administrators. Additionally, through the extensible APIs of Amplience, HarperCollins now has the luxury of customizing their composable ecommerce instance with third party applications, enabling HarperCollins to pivot in the future, due to whatever the market demands. Combining Amplience and Shopify Plus was a great win for HarperCollins Christian Publishing, enabling independent content and commerce functionality, while streamlining internal business requirements.

Case Study HarperCollins Publishers

Content and Commerce Success

The unlimited opportunities Headless CMS and Composable eCommerce create through the integration of Amplience and Shopify is just beginning to be realized by the HarperCollins Publishers team, having first rolled it out to their cherished and well-read HarperKids blog. After solving for internal marketing complexities, the ability to separately roll out content and commerce to digital touchpoints across the HarperCollins Publishers brand will pay dividends for years to come.

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