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Infectious Disease Society of America: Designing the Real Time Learning Network during Covid-19

The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) is a community whose mission is to improve the health of individuals, communities, and society by promoting excellence in patient care, education, research, public health, and prevention relating to infectious diseases. In 1963, the first meeting took place with 125 charter members and other guests attending. Today, IDSA is a large and growing Society, with 12,000-plus members representing the diversity and vibrancy of the field. IDSA members include practicing clinicians who provide direct patient care, scientists and researchers in the academic setting, public health officials, hospital epidemiologists, and ID specialists working in many other settings. Today, IDSA members work across the United States and in nearly 100 other countries on six different continents around the world.

A long time client of BlueBolt’s, the Infectious Disease Society of America wanted to redesign their Covid-19 Real Time Learning Network, which BlueBolt had originally designed during the pandemic to be the one source of truth for members worldwide. Through the discovery process our Creative Design team highlighted design updates and user experience workflow changes that when implemented led to the following statistics:


Increase in active users in the months immediately following launch


User Engagement rate following the launch of the new website


Increase in website views in the first month after launch

Service Provided:

  • Creative Design
  • UI/UX Wireframes and Strategy
  • Software Implementation
  • Website Development
  • Third Party Software Integration
  • Account Management
  • Ongoing Support

IDSA's Real Time Learning Network Project Highlights

Redesigned IDSA's Covid-19 Real Time Learning Network

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Infectious Disease Society of America provided real time knowledge for its members

User Experience Discovery

Met with stakeholders and members to define how they were using the website and what aspects needed improvement

Data Design Overhaul of IDSA’s Covid-19 Portal

Did a deep dive in discovery, looking at Google Analytics and User reports to create suggestions on how to improve the design of the website

Implementing Optimizely

IDSA uses Optimizely for their one source of digital truth. Implementing IDSA’s Covid-19 portal on Optimizely was important to have all their websites be technologically harmonious.

As a long-time partner with IDSA, BlueBolt was able to help our client be the best source of truth for Covid-19 for medical professionals worldwide by designing and delivering their Covid-19 Real Time Learning Network on Optimizely. In early 2023, IDSA engaged BlueBolt to complete a design and analytics discovery audit to learn how their Covid-19 Real Time Learning Network could be improved to further meet the needs of their members.

With the goal of creating curated, timely resources for the frontline health care community, BlueBolt’s Creative Team revamped the navigation, limiting top-level categories based on user research and feedback and removing subcategories. We included main nav items visually on homepage with icons. Custom hero imagery was created for internal pages. Evergreen resources were relocated to the top hero of each category for easy access for providers. Post also have an identifier for external vs internal links to aid in comprehension and allow for imagery or no imagery, title, truncated text, date and category.

To aid in the ability to quickly access and retain information, BlueBolt’s Creative Design team incorporated minimalism, keeping design simple and streamlined to emphasize the most important content. Whitespace was employed to provide breathing room between elements to help create a sense of clarity, organization, and elegance. Our team used a harmonious color palette and limited colors to maintain a cohesive and visually pleasing design. IDSA’s corporate logo was also redesigned to complete the design.

IDSA RTLN Case Study Image
IDSA RTLN Before and After 1
IDSA RTLN Before and After 2

Real Time Success

IDSA’s Covid-19 Real Time Learning Network continues to be the source of truth for members across 100 countries around the world. Implementing BlueBolt’s Creative Design and UI/UX suggestions lead to immediate success. In just the first month post launch, IDSA’s marketing team realized a 63% increase in active users, a 56% User Engagement rate and a 33% Increase in website views. Together, IDSA and BlueBolt will continue to help to improve the health across the world by promoting excellence in patient care, education, research, public health, and prevention relating to infectious diseases through digital education.

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