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Implementing Great Digital Commerce Experience with Optimizely

Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, Marking Services Inc. (MSI) serves contractors and companies worldwide with the benefits of standard-setting labeling systems. MSI provides practical solutions for labeling needs either through the wide variety of products that they manufacture & design and/or turnkey installation services that they offer. Marking Services Inc. core business is manufacturing, designing, and installing pipe labeling and valve tagging systems worldwide. Their offer clients the benefits of quality labeling and long-term cost savings associated with faster more efficient plant commissioning and start-ups, improved operator training, and enhanced plant safety for employees. To better serve new and prospective clients, MSI engaged BlueBolt to overhaul their digital business process for order entry and management. To deliver a world-class B2B Commerce experience for MSI customers, BlueBolt implemented Optimizely.

Service Provided:

  • Optimizely Implementation
  • User Experience and Functional Design
  • Custom Development
  • Systems Integration
  • CSR Portal
  • ERP Integration
  • Order Management Solution
  • Support and Training

MSI Project Highlights

Improve MSI's B2B Ordering Processes

Established new business processes for order entry and order management, moving from manual entry to automated.

Modernize MSI's Commerce Experience

Develop a B2B ecommerce website leveraging Optimizely’s software to modernize the customer experience and streamline the purchasing process.

Improve MSI's Customer Service

Build a custom Customer Service Representative (CSR) application for order entry leveraging legacy systems while integrating to the custom application to the new eCommerce website.

For years, MSI’s order management process relied on the manual assembly of an order via pen and paper, including a human-based price calculation. Wanting to modernize their systems to provide the best possible service for their clients, MSI chose BlueBolt to implement their new content and commerce solution on the Optimizely platform. BlueBolt engaged in an in-depth discovery process to establish business process flow, pricing rules and product hierarchy definition (to standardize the process of ordering customized products). After the business rules were established, a user experience (UX) design process began to define the interface that would allow CSR’s to serve customers most efficiently, digitally.

The CSR application was built and integrated with MSI’s legacy ERP system. This allowed for CSR personnel to have the very latest information on the client, their orders and their order history at the time that they were serving the customer. The new CSR solution was built in tandem with the development of an Optimizely B2B ecommerce site. These systems were integrated together with the goal of the client and staff being able to see changes/modifications made by MSI customer service digitally in real time, so that they could approve the changes and move forward with the purchase in a timely manner.

Marking Services Inc. Website

B2B ECommerce Success

The Optimizely-based MSI website and Customer Service Representative (CSR) application are strong digital assets for the client to build upon for the future. The CSR portal provides a more streamlined process for order entry, order management and order history, which was not possible in the past. This allows for CSR personnel to react faster to customer concerns and questions, supplying them with much more information in an easy-to-understand interface. The final ecommerce website has cleaner, more direct paths to purchase standard products built upon the Optimizely platform.

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