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  • Digital Experience Platform
  • Ecommerce
  • Customer Experience
  • Reducing Fraudulent Activity
  • Energy Sector
  • Venture Capital


  • Optimizely Orchestrate and Monetize
  • Equifax
  • Intelometry’s inRetail
  • Hansen

Client Awards

Optimizely Digital Pioneer of the Year 2023

Harnessing Digital Innovation to Redefine Customer Experience in the Retail Electricity Market

OnPoint Energy, located in Houston, Texas, is a retail electricity provider specializing in competitive rates and user-friendly energy plans tailored to deregulated markets. Their mission is to establish a paradigm shift by fostering customer relationships grounded in mutual trust, loyalty, and care. Their team comprises seasoned industry veterans boasting over 100 years of collective experience in the retail electricity market.

We implemented targeted optimization strategies that significantly enhanced key performance indicators, resulting in a measurable and sustained improvement in overall project success.


Fraudulent accounts the first week, which our team all but eliminated within 90 days


Ahead of their revenue plan for OnPoint Energy's first fiscal year


Decrease in expected Digital Customer Acquisition Cost to date

Service Provided:

  • Optimizely implementation for Orchestrate (DXP) and Monetize (Ecommerce)
  • B2C ECommerce implementation
  • Energy sector third party integrations
  • Ongoing support and training
  • Account Management

OnPoint Energy Project Highlights

Deliver an Exceptional Ecommerce Customer Experience

One of OnPoint Energy’s hallmark values is remarkable customer service in an industry that largely hasn’t had to care about their customers since energy companies usually have a captive market. BlueBolt was charged with creating a compelling and frictionless customer experience that well represented OnPoint’s mission.

Implement Optimizely to be the Central Hub for All Things Digital

OnPoint’s digital vision was to use the Optimizely platform as their tool for all things digital. They tasked BlueBolt to create a website solution that would serve their customers, as well as securely store all their data.

Integrate with Energy Sector Third Party Softwares

It was imperative for OnPoint Energy to be able to integrate with several best-in-breed industry business partners to have their digital store function accurately.

Reduce Fraudulent Purchases

The energy sector is plagued by fraudulent activity. OnPoint Energy charged BlueBolt to devise a way that would detect this activity and prevent them from creating accounts.

To address challenges in the deregulated energy sector, industry veterans formed OnPoint Energy and sought BlueBolt's expertise to streamline their operations. Leveraging the Optimizely platform, OnPoint aimed to enhance customer experience, simplify purchasing, automate identity and credit checks, and manage data securely. BlueBolt, as an Optimizely partner, implemented Optimizely Orchestrate and Monetize, integrating complex third-party software like Intelometry inRetail, Hansen, and Equifax for digital identity and credit checks. Despite encountering initial fraudulent sign-up attempts post-launch, BlueBolt swiftly intervened with custom code, redirecting fraudulent users to OnPoint's customer service team for manual verification.

Sparking Success

The OnPoint Energy website debuted in Texas, aiming to revolutionize customer acquisition and experience in the Retail Energy market. The project's success stemmed from collaborative efforts between BlueBolt and the client's teams, swiftly reducing fraudulent activity from over 1,000 accounts in the initial week to nearly zero within 90 days, a process that typically takes new REPs a year. Remarkably, OnPoint surpassed first-year revenue expectations by approximately 300%, with Digital Customer Acquisition Costs 40%-50% lower than anticipated. Expect more exciting developments from OnPoint Energy!

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