How Small Adjustments Can Make a Big Impact on Digital Stores During COVID-19

Chris Risner

R Recently, I came across a really helpful blog post from Shopify Plus that focuses on short-term digital marketing strategies for online retailers during COVID-19.

It includes great tips for optimizing short-term messaging, reviewing short-term digital marketing budgets, and creating more specific audiences for digital campaigns – all valuable insights to help retailers get through this unprecedented time.   After reading the post, I thought there might be a few more short-term tactics digital retailers could consider as they adjust their current digital strategies. 

Examine Website Performance

While historical data may have helped shape the view of your customer in the past, things are a lot different now. Since the new normal is anything but normal, you should reexamine how customers are interacting with your eCommerce website. Look at certain website performance metrics to see how new shopping patterns may be affecting your shopping experience.  

How small website adjustments can lead to big improvements
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For instance, as people have more time to spend online, your site may begin to garner attention from sources you’re not used to. Looking at new and unique visitor traffic can help determine what your “new normal” customer base looks like and help you consider what changes you may want to make to your site or in your processes to better serve their needs and keep them as customers in the future. 

Take Time to Focus on Content

Delivering the right content on your site enables you to create a customer experience that’s engaging, valuable, and develops a more meaningful connection with your customers. Businesses that don’t take advantage of content strategies miss the opportunity to build experiences to meet increasingly high customer expectations.  

However, developing great content can take a lot of time and effort. If you’re working with a small marketing team, this may be a great time to review your content marketing and see what’s working and what’s not (as mentioned above, you can gather such insights by examining website metrics). As certain business initiatives begin to slow down during this time, refocusing resources and time on creating and managing better content will help your customer experience not only now, but in the long run. 

How small website adjustments can lead to big improvements 2
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Especially in times like these, your content can differentiate and humanize your brand. Consumers want to spend money with the brands they know, trust, and love. Establishing such a relationship with your customers begins with the human side of your brand rather than focusing on conversion rates. By sharing personal stories and talking about shared experiences, consumers might feel more connected to you in this time of uncertainty. Make sure you bring value to your target audience by creating genuine connections, aligning with their needs and wants, and offering support and service when needed. 

Reward Customer Loyalty

In these uncertain times, as people change their spending patterns, your business may not be able to rely on the customer base that has historically driven your revenue numbers. Remaining close to high-value and loyal customers through communications and special offers is a must. By making these customers feel appreciated, they’ll be more open and willing to spend with you, even now. Furthermore, building a referral marketing program can turn customer advocacy from these loyal customers into more business for you by potentially gaining multiple new customers for every loyal one. 

How small website adjustments can lead to big improvements 2
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Remember, while we’re living through a time of changes and uncertainties, there is one thing we can count on: this too shall pass. Making powerful changes to your digital strategies today will bring you opportunity and success in the future. If we can help you increase engagement and conversions, please contact us.

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