SMS Marketing in the Time of COVID

Jason Lichon
Covid traveler

T he best consumer experiences are the ones that meet buyers consistently throughout all touchpoints of the customer journey.

Now, more than ever, mobile experiences are having a huge impact on how people shop. Consider the following data from the eCommerce marketing platform, Yotpo or Okendo.

  • During the pandemic, 57% of consumers are shopping online more than usual
  • 65% of consumers prefer to shop directly from their phone
  • There’s been a 30% increase in time spent on mobile phones since the COVID-19 pandemic began
Delivery personnel deliver goods to customers during the Covid-19 virus epidemic around the world,Therefore must wear a mask to prevent the spread of the disease, Express delivery . Quarantine

With such a big window of opportunity to reach your customers through mobile, short message service (SMS) marketing can be a valuable tactic. The average person already spends more than 4 hours a day on a mobile device and checks their phone more than 150 times in that same span (Yotpo). By using SMS marketing to send your customers the right mobile messages at the right time, you’ll be able to capitalize on this channel by not only converting browsers into buyers now, but also by building meaningful relationships and encouraging customer loyalty well into the future.

Here are just a few scenarios where SMS marketing can move the needle with your customers:

  • Using messaging automation, you can trigger perfectly timed, personalized messages to encourage conversions. For instance, if a buyer abandons items in a cart, sending an SMS reminder that they’ve forgotten something can inspire them to go back and buy
  • Segment out audiences to hyper-target buyers based on advanced data like past behaviors and transactions
  • Have a new product or campaign launch? Use SMS to easily and quickly notify customers instead of getting lost in a sea of other marketing emails in their inboxes. After all, SMS has a 6-8x higher engagement rate than email with an average open rate of a whopping 98%
  • Provide more engaging and personalized customer service through managed chats and helpdesk integrations
Text message marketing examples

To learn more about these features and how to create a winning SMS marketing strategy for your brand, check out Yotpo’s Complete Guide to Generating Fast ROI With SMS Marketing. The guide includes best practices for more personalized mobile experiences and real-life examples from a variety of brands finding success through SMS marketing.

In a time when customers crave highly targeted mobile experiences more than ever, brands need to deliver. It’s clear that shoppers love to use mobile, and I think they’d love for you to as well.

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