Why Brands Choose Shopify Plus for Their ECommerce Platform

Jason Lichon

H igh growth starts ups, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies and Billion-dollar brands all love Shopify Plus because it is the leading cost-effective, purpose built, enterprise platform that’s built for change and expansion. Shopify is truly the ecommerce platform that gives businesses the runway to grow from a start up to a successful global ecommerce business. In this article, we will look at several of the reasons we recommend Shopify Plus for many of our clients:

Limitless Customization with Shopify Plus Brings Your Brand to Life Online

One concern that marketers often have is the myth that they can’t fully customize Shopify Plus, so they won’t be able to accomplish all of their website needs. Shopify Plus enables brands to move quickly with a customizable platform that evolves as fast as you do. Now marketers can extend Shopify’s customizable platform with innovative solutions from third-party app developers. Some other great features include being able to offer augmented-reality shopping experiences, capture user generated content from social media influencers, sell in multiple currencies on a single store, and localize your content across expansion stores. If brands find that they are running into obstacles with Shopify Plus themes, working with an experienced and highly technical Shopify Plus implementation partner, like BlueBolt, will enable marketing teams to fully complete their website goals, so that their business’s secret sauce can be brought to life online.

Limitless Customization with Shopify Plus Brings Your Brand to Life Online

Capture Additional Revenue Through Multiple Sales Channels

Shopify Plus offers several built-in sales channels including popular online marketplaces such as Amazon, EBay and Walmart, as well as social media marketplaces including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Additionally, Shopify offers a built in B2B wholesale channel, with the ability to integrate with ERPs and PIMs, enabling yet another revenue stream. These channels make running your enterprise ecommerce store user friendly, relevant and customizable. Brands can sell in online storefronts, several marketplaces and direct to distributors, capturing the ability to sell to customers in the moment they are ready to buy. Shopify Plus makes managing the complexities of ecommerce business simple to handle.

ECommerce Automation

Operations naturally get more complex as they expand to a global scale. Take the limits off growth with a platform as robust as it is nimble. Shopify Plus’s ecommerce automation turns once complicated tasks into a streamlined experience that customers love—and don’t have to think about. By integrating Shopify Flow, teams can experience a level of automation marketers dream about. It enables teams to schedule campaigns, product releases and promotions across every channel. By automating campaigns, promotions and common tasks, team will have the bandwidth to drive KPI performance at a higher level.

Shopify Plus is a secure and scalable platform

Security and Scalability

Living in an age where phishing attacks and scams are an everyday occurrence, security for ecommerce stores has never been more important. Shopify recognizes this and has put Level 1 Web Security in place to protect customer data. Additionally, Shopify has installed safeguards to ensure their entire checkout process always remains PCI compliant, no matter how someone may try to mess it up. Shopify Flow also automates processes for customer loyalty, merchandising and fraud prevention, while Launchpad supports flash sales and mitigate bots. Shopify’s platform features a 99.99% up time, with an unlimited bandwidth, so that you can scale your business and not miss sales. Shopify’s app ecosystem provides a robust network of carefully selected third-party apps, which helps merchants grow quickly by making a custom, composable solution unique to your needs.

Get to market quickly with Shopify Plus

It’s no secret – Shopify Plus gives companies the ability to launch online stores 50% faster than their competitors. With an average launch time of 90 days, Shopify Plus crushes traditional enterprise ecommerce platforms that launch in an average of 8–12 months. As the saying goes – Time is money. Being able to quickly launch a site, as well as continuous updates and promotions, is key to increasing sales revenue.

Get to market quickly with Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus Comes with a Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Shopify Plus is the only omnichannel enterprise platform where you can start, grow, and scale your business—backed by an ethical and transparent pricing model. Compared to most of their competitors, Shopify Plus has a substantially lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). For example, according to Shopify, brands that have recently migrated to Shopify Plus from Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) pay on average of $375K less in initial upfront software platform investment (as compared to SFCC) and are saving around $495K on yearly maintenance with Shopify Plus. Imagine how you could reinvest those cost savings…an improved UX, a better customer journey and more impactful marketing campaigns!

Built in analytics and reporting

Harnessing data from campaigns, promotions and sales is key to producing data to drive accurate business decision. Shopify Plus provides powerful business intelligence for Shopify Plus merchants, with everything needed to analyze multichannel data in one place. BlueBolt can connect and transform data sources so that teams receive powerful intelligence across all business streams. Shopify Plus enables marketers to create custom reports to solve more complex analytics challenges. Lastly, Shopify Plus makes it possible to scale reporting and analytics access easily across the entire organization.

Shopify Plus features rich reporting capabilities

Reliability and Usability

Shopify is a platform that prides itself on how easy the software is to use for the average merchant. Shopify Plus themes out of the box are robust and support global ecommerce. The Shopify Plus team offers ongoing strategy and guidance from a team of merchant success ecommerce experts to help teams achieve their goals, with technical questions answered quickly 24/7/365.

Why the Shopify Plus True SaaS Platform Matters

Shopify’s SaaS platform focuses on growth, not any particular tech stacks, with automatic updates and maintenance. Most professionals in the enterprise software implementation space cringe when they hear the word “upgrade” because we have all spent weeks to months integrating new features – and fixing those items that the new update broke. Shopify’s updates don’t break a site when upgrading and it only takes a few hours to turn on the new features. Shopify simplifies complex technology so that it is both powerful and easy to use. Shopify Plus offers the tools needed to evolve, scale and thrive, while also giving the freedom to experiment and expand brand recognition.

Shopify Plus has a robust partner network

A Robust Shopify Plus Implementation Partner Network

Shopify has put together a robust partner network. Aimed at helping martech teams get the most out of their Shopify investment), the Shopify Plus Partner Program supports merchants by building world-class services and solutions needed to scale their businesses. Partners in this program demonstrate a level of product quality, service, performance, privacy and support that meets the advanced requirements of Shopify Plus merchants. Partners in the Shopify Plus Partner Program, like BlueBolt, provide Shopify merchants with a variety of end-to-end business solutions, including custom website development, migration from other platforms, digital marketing strategy, creative UI/UX design, system and app integrations, and enterprise resource planning, as well as both business and technical consulting.

Why Brands Trust BlueBolt to be Their Shopify Plus Implementation Partner

BlueBolt has a reputation in the website implementation industry as being a strategic partner that brings a comprehensive and masterful skill set to the table, enabling companies to work with only one partner for their full Shopify Plus implementation needs. With digital strategy being core to all services offered, the BlueBolt team can take a project from an RFP through to a global, multi site/multi lingual ecommerce website solution by offering both technical and account management consulting. BlueBolt’s Creative team excels at data driven design, which sets the foundation for great customer experiences. BlueBolt’s implementation team is known for their technical prowess in extending Shopify Plus to meet all business needs and bringing a company’s “secret sauce” to life online. After launch, BlueBolt offers brands the ability to run tests and experiments to continually optimize their Shopify Plus website solution. BlueBolt also maintains an ongoing relationship with many clients, offering consulting and support services so that brands can further iterate on their goals and KPIs.

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