Why Selling Direct-to-Consumer is a Game-Changer

Chris Risner

During the global pandemic and in years past, commerce has seen its ups and downs. According to Statista: “In 2021, direct-to-consumer (D2C) ecommerce sales in the United States surpassed $128 billion U.S. dollars. The U.S. D2C online market is forecast to grow to almost 213 billion U.S. dollars by 2023.” Whether your business has been largely impacted or not, one thing remains certain: companies must be thinking about ways to improve or reimagine their selling strategies now and into the future.

One such strategy is Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) selling. To learn more about opening up DTC channels, download our infographic based on a recent report from Shopify Plus, “The Direct-to-Consumer Guide.”

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Unlock your digital potential with Optimizely + BlueBolt

Jason Lichon

S ince 2013, BlueBolt has been a proud Optimizely partner with a reputation for developing complex projects with robust system integrations.

As a Gold Partner, our team of  Optimizely experts can help with any type Optimizely project, including sophisticated global deployments, with significant customizations and integrations to back-end systems.

From strategy to implementation to creative design, deployment, and everything in between, BlueBolt offers a comprehensive set of services to help you get the most out of your investment with Optimizely, formerly Episerver.

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Direct to Consumer: Everything B2B Companies Need to Know to Sell D2C

Jason Lichon

Even before the global pandemic, but certainly even more so now, every organization, regardless of industry, has had to find new ways of staying connected with and selling to their customers. Particularly, B2B Companies, such as manufacturers and distributors, have been catapulted into the race for digital transformation.

The future is definitively digital and no one wants to get left behind. In order to survive, now is the time for these companies to evolve how they sell and what experiences they deliver to attract and retain customers.

Developing a formula for success in the digital age requires organizations to embrace technology and tools to support their business. Thankfully, there is a variety of eCommerce platforms which can enable your team to achieve your goals and impact your bottom line. This white paper shares everything B2B professionals need to know about setting up a Direct to Consumer channel. If you have questions about creating a D2C Channel or other B2B Commerce projects, please contact our BlueBolt team.

7 Infrastructure Challenges of Scaling an ECommerce Shop

Jason Lichon

In order to be successful in ecommerce, it’s imperative to scale and grow, but scaling quickly can pose many challenges. Without the right strategy and tools in place to tackle these, it can be hard to achieve the success you want for your organization.

Digital infrastructure can make or break your business, so it’s vital to select the right technology and partners. These will provide the foundation you need to build a successful operation that supports and nurtures development as you expand.

IT plays a critical role in driving digital initiatives which support scaling an organization. Download our white paper to learn the 7 Challenges that should be on every IT professional’s target list. If BlueBolt can help you address these challenges, please contact us or email us at hello@blueboltsolutions.com.

How Experimentation Helps Leading Brands Transform Their Digital Experiences

Chris Risner

For today’s brands, finding opportunities to stand out is more important than ever. With internet giants like Amazon dominating the market, setting the customer experience bar high, and creating tough competition, companies have to find new ways to better understand customer journeys and create experiences that meet their ever-changing needs.

Digital customer experiences affect customer interactions with your organization, brand recollection, recommendations and loyalty. The bottom line is: superior experiences = more loyalty. In order to create these journeys that resonate with today’s modern consumer, data and testing have to be top of mind for digital leaders. As data and analytics in marketing have had a growing influence on digital interactions in recent years, we’ve seen careful online testing become standard operating procedure for companies that want to move away from intuitive decisions and instead use real time analytics to uncover new opportunities and create better consumer experiences.

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Optimizely vs. Sitecore – Who wins the Commerce & Content battle?

Jason Lichon

Several enterprise digital experience (DXP) and ecommerce platforms, like Sitecore, lack transparent pricing, can be grueling to use and might leave you susceptible to a devastating data breach. Enter, Optimizely – a more innovative platform built with the modern digital leader in mind.

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Blended Content & Commerce: The peanut butter and jelly of digital commerce

Jason Lichon

Enjoy the replay of this educational session from BlueBolt and Optimizely (formerly Episerver), “Blended Content and Commerce – The Peanut Butter and Jelly of Digital Commerce.” Our experts discuss the importance and benefits of combining content with commerce, explain the maturity levels that frame organizational strategies, review best practices and show real world examples, and give actionable insights to implement within your own business straight away.

Developing robust content and commerce strategies takes effort, but the results will elevate your brand and help you take a bite out the competition. Satisfy your hunger for success by watching this informative session.